Our History

Chef Sia Say Tee of Loon Sing Restaurant started learning cooking from his father since he was 10 years old. In order to learn greater skills and knowledge, he left his hometown and worked in Singapore.

In his early stage of learning, Chef Sia learned the Cantonese food. Later he changed to another restaurant and learned some Dim Sum making skills there.

After spending some time in Singapore, Chef Sia managed to acquire the skills as a master chef. In order to help his father in-law in the restaurant business, Chef Sia returned to Bukit Pelandok and started his new cooking life there.

Few years later, Chef Sia set up his own restaurant and focused on Fuzhou food. He put so much efforts and traveled 20 kilometers away to Seremban to buy raw materials everyday.

The name of Loon Sing became famous and the business grew gradually. In order to promote its quality food service, Loon Sing only focus on reserved orders nowadays. The most memorable event of Loon Sing was the 2nd International Hokkien Gathering Dinner.

Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohd. was also one of the V.I.P. guests. Loon Sing utilized air, sea and earth routes to equip the Pulau Langkawi Masturi Exhibition hall. More than one hundred of staffs were involved in that event.

Chef Sia has involved in cooking for over 40 years and still keen in learning new recipes and knowledge. He sees competition as the stage for him to upgrade himself and achieve his own vision.

Loon Sing Restaurant will keep putting efforts on studying and promoting Fozhou food to serve all better.