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Our Awards

Awards won by Loon Sing Restaurant

  • 1992 1st China Cooking Competition Bronze Prize & Performance Award
  • 1993 2nd Malaysia Top 10 Chinese Food Competition Silver & Bronze Prize
  • 1993 Malaysia Hotel Association Competition Certificate
  • 1994 Malaysia International Competition Gold and Bronze Prize
  • 1994 Malaysia Competition Bronze Prize
  • 1994 2nd Johor Chinese Food Competition Silver Prize & Double Performance Prize
  • 1995 1st Malaysian Golden Chef Competition Final
  • 1995 Canada International Chinese Food Competition Double Gold Prize
  • 1995 1st Sarawak Food Art Competition Performance Prize
  • 1996 1st China Cooking Competition Bronze Prize & Souvenir Prize
  • 1997 Thailand Asian Food Competition Silver Prize
  • 1998 International Golden Chef Competition Special Golden Prize and Performance Award
  • 1999 Taiwan International Competition Bronze Prize and Special Prize
  • 2000 3rd Japan International Competition Silver Prize (Group)
  • 2000 3rd Japan International Competition Bronze Prize & Special Prize
  • 2002 4th World Competition Gold Prize and Excellence Performance Award
  • 2004 China Guangzhou 5th China Cuisine Silver Prize
  • 2005 Member of Les Amis d’Escoffier
  • 2005 5th World Golden Chef Competition. Kuala Lumpur Gold Prize for Food Presentation & Decoration
  • 2006 Chaine Des Rotissuers- Chef Des Rotissuers
  • 2006 Taipei Shi Jian University- Distinction Award
  • 2006 The International Tournament Cooking Guru. Beijing – Gold with Distinction & The International God of Gourmet Highest Honour Award
  • 2006 Awarding International Grand Master Award from International Cooking Union Association (ICUA)
  • 2008 World famous Chinese Association Member
  • 2008 World Federation of Chinese cooking fifth international political and judges
  • 2008 Appointed Taiwan Food Show Jury
  • 2011 Founded Loon Sing Group of Restaurants
  • 2015 Loon Sing Group Awarded China's high-end dining hotel Asian Leaders Summit Organizing Committee, Guangdong Culinary Association, International Five Constant Method Association, Hong Kong Catering Management Association, Macau Catering Industry United Chamber of Commerce, "Guangdong Cooking" magazine jointly issued- Greator Best Wedding Famous Store.
  • 2015 Invited to attend the Asia-Pacific Best Five Star Golden Diamond Award in recognition ceremony
  • 2016 Invited to attend the 6th Cross-Strait Food and Culture Exchange Forum
  • 2016 Appointed World Cantonese Cuisine Chef Association (Malaysia Chapter)
  • 2016 Awarded "Certificate of Appreciation" International Celebrity Chef Kuala Lumpur Charity Night Cum 2016 Catering Annual Gold Award Presentation Ceremony
  • 2016 Awarded The First Asian Celebrity Chefs Conference and Asian Celebrity Chefs Hall Award Ceremony presented the Top Ten Asian Chefs
  • 2017 Loon Sing Group was awarded the World Jinding Enterprise Leadership Excellence Award
  • 2017 Loon Sing Group was awarded Awarded by the Malaysian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEAM) Enterprises of the Year Platinum Award of the "SME Excellence Product Award"
  • 2017 Awarded "Certificate of Appreciation" International Famous Chef Macau Charity Night”
  • 2019 Awarded "Business Service Excellence Award”
  • 2020 Awarded "Nanyang Superb Brand Award”


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